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Friday, 1 July 2011

Game Update

9am Pitch one main (stadium) vs Buffalo.

We have improved ten fold today from last nights game, we cleared the ball well and the lads have taken on everything the coaching staff have put in front of them.

Tom Bracegirdle and the faceoff crew did an amazing job and we have come a long way from last nights game, we went into half time 4-4 against a strong Buffalo team and after some questionable decisions by the referee's in the second half we finished the game 8-6. The boys are learning more every game and are just amazing bunch of kids.

We saw some friends from Canada's Mimico team that the academy played last summer at the world games including Joe French, they watched the game and cheered us on.

Coach Armstrong has just been amazing job and the boys are relishing having him here with us.

Dane Carney 3
Ryan Hunns 1
Lewis Curtis 1
Matt Collier 1

Ryan Hunns 2
Jamie Tomlinson 2

Check back later for more updates, we have another game 3 and 5 so will not have time between games, you should be proud of these boys.

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