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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Check out!

There was an amazing storm at around 4am last night/this morning, it woke me up but some of the kids where so tired that they slept through it!! I woke at 8m and walked over to the Cafeteria and as I walked under a tree I heard the crack of a large branch falling from above, it dropped 3 feet in front of me!!...........some one is watching over me or its a good job that I walk slowly!

We watched the final game in high heat and made our way back for room checks and check out and are now waiting in the air conditioned gym again for our Yellow school bus to take us to the airport (3 hours away) Cam Parks and Tom B have now left to carry on their holiday.

I will report any delays when we arrive at the airport but the it is seems to be clear and on time as I have checked on the internet.

I hope this has been an amazing experience for the boys and hope that they have grown as young men and are better Lacrose players because of it.

Thank you to all the people that have helped us on this trip and a big thank you to Bill and Tom Hardy of All American Lacrosse camp and The organisers of the Gait cup, this has been my dream for a long time and I have loved every minute! thank you to the boys for making this an amzing experience for me and to Mike Armstrong for taking this journey with me, he has been there for the boys eveyday and it is nice to have someone like Mike for the boys to fall back on, he has done an amazing job and I think he has learnt a lot about coaching in this format, I know he has also felt the mental strain and found what it takes to be an Elite Coach.

Thank you to the parents for supporting me, I am sure the boys will thank you themsleves for providing this opportunity for them, they should be very grateful.


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