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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Players Blog day 1 The Gait Cup

First of all thank you to Coach Weddell for getting everyone up at 5am, nobody has ever been up at this time, but we all managed it.

Bill and Tom Hardy drove us down to Gettysburg at light-speed, checking out the ladies all the way. The Nando's Shark was going on for the 100th time (video will be uploaded) and we found out tha Chris Cook can breakdance.

We finally arrived at the campus and went to sign in to the tournament only to find the seven foot hybrid American Lax bro's in there, but the Knights werent phased. When the game time arrived we proved everyone wrong against the Cheasepeke Rock Lime, losing 7-5 but showed that England players can play Lacrosse against these American hybrid lax bro's. Ryan got 3 goals putting his blinged out Chrome stick to good use. Jamie and Dane also scoring some nice goals. Ed had a great game getting 57.6 save percentage (Shout out to coach Gaebel and Dan), Adam got two assists and Jake got one.

The lads are happy with the way we started and we are looking to improve throughout the tournament. Big day tomorrow, three games and an early start.

Lets go show the people what we can do.

The Unknown Knight.

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