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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Team Illinois Pitch 1 - Main Stadium

Well the win finally came, unfortunatley Cam could not come along for the ride because of heat stroke, so we did it for him! (he's ok now and ive just seen him go back for 3rds in the cafeteria).

We had a team meeting (as always) before the game and walked up to the stadium with the Flag held high, we wanted the win and we wanted to do everything to get it, the temperature had dropped (thankfully) in the stadium and we controlled the ball well and dictated play and came out winners!

Highlights - Jake scored from Goal line extended with a nice Low to High shot that stuck in the opposite top corner and his second was an over hand high to low.

Ryan Hunns had some great goals - his third a one handed high catch on the run and a high bouncer into the top corner.

Jamie Tomlinson received a pass from Tom Bracegirdle to finish off both posts! he also cleared the ball with some ankle braking moves that drew oohs from the crowd.

Dane Carney kept up his amazing record of scoring in every game and has been one of our players of the tour.

Jon Clowes with an assist from behind the goal to the opposite restraining line to Ryan for his second goal.

Ryan Hunns 3
Jake Weddell 2
Dane Carney 1
Jamie Tomlinson 1
Lewis Curtis 1

Jake Weddell 2
Dane Carney 2
Jamie Tomlinson 1
Tom Bracegrdle 1
Jon Clowes 1

After the game we found that Ryan Hunns had made the All-Star Team, which is not only amazing for him
but also for the team, we have gained respect and impressed a lot of people over here.

No more games to report on and I can go to bed early tonight.........................maybe!

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