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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Haymakers 2 - 8am Pitch 3

What a great game people swarmed around us at the end of the game it came down to OT................

The Knights had played amazing,  the best game so far! But sadly we came up short. The Haymakers scored 2 goals, one at the end of the game and one in OT, Tom Bracegirdle had another great game, Ryan Hunns put the last drop energy scoring 2 and jacking some kid up at the halfway line, the attacking ride was amazing and the attack worked hard to win back the ball, Jake Weddell had a great game dodging and controlling the ball from X and Riding. Toby Hawksley running through middie scored his first goal as did Chris Doona from the crease and as did Cam Parks who has worked so hard for the team.

I cant say enough about Matthew Collier he runs himself into the ground for this team and clears the ball for us effortlessly.

The lads were dissapointed but we got so much respect and this is our mantra, coaches and fans lined the sideline to watch this match up and must have been one of the games of the tournament.

The score was 9-8 in OT. We will get our win...reporting back later.

Ryan Hunns 2
Chris Doona 1
Toby Hawksley 1
Cam Parks 1
Lewis Curtis 1
Dane Carney 1
Tom Bracegirdle 1

Jake Weddell 2
Jamie Tomlinson 2

We play Dallas at 1pm on pitch 4 should be a warm one.

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