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Friday, 1 July 2011

Game 2 and 3 of the day.

We went for lunch on a high after playing so well this morning and looking forward to the game at 3pm, the heat has been brutal down in PA but we where confident that we could win or run the Shore Skipjacks very close as confidence was high. After lunch the players looked like a grand-parent after a Sunday roast next to a roaring fire and no one could blame them, this is the hottest it has been in PA for a while and there is nowhere to escape the heat and sun.

The boys battled hard against the Skip Jacks and the Knights laid out some hard hits to entertain the crowd we even heard the American crowd cheering us on! We have tried to give the players that have not scored yet a lot of time in this game to get them going (everyone has got split time usually) Josh Kinder was unlucky with a great shot off the near post, I will come back with more details but we struugled to clear again and we played half the game in Defence, there where some great performances out there but the knights efforts came up short and we lost the game 9-3 . It was a nasty game and the Skipjacks played it physical and lets say they played on the dirty side, we have had pictures with every team we played against which is a lot of fun but we decided to not have a picture with this team.

Vs Skipjacks
Ryan Hunns - 1
Lewis Curtis - 1
Dane Carney - 1

Jake Weddell - 1
Jamie Tomlinson - 1

The boys looked down after the game but we had to lift ourselves for the next game at 5pm. We spent the time in the Gym which had air conditioning to clear the lads heads and get a cool down.

The coaching staff challenged the team to lift themselves and the Captains Dane Carney, Josh Turner and Cam Parks have done an amazing job as well as other leaders on the team, I cant say enough about the lads on this squad. I warned them at the start of the week that this Tournament would be a rollercoaster and they have been there for each other all the way through. We have set small goals for the team from the start and played without any pressure, taking each game as it comes, we have put a high emphasis on giving everyone a good hard game and every team has had to work for the win, the Knights should be proud of the way they have performed and if these players will be better for English Lacrosse because of it!

We left the air conditioning building and it was time for the CT Hurricanes, again we played a lot of defence and we kept them out time aftertime Jon, Josh, Chris and Joe have had no rest but they didn't miss a slide or check, this was Eddie Thornber best game saving shot after shot, his legs and arms can only be described as black and blue.We went into the half level but still not having the ball in our own half too much. The CT Hurricanes are the best team we have played and where great all over the field and deserved the to win the game. Highlights - Lewis Cutis playing long pole midfield with some style for some of the game, Jake taking on double team after double team and he has carried the ball amazingly well, Toby Hawksley's one man clear using quick spins to get through the Hurricanes ride. We scored a fantastic goal at the end of the game with Tom Bracegirdle running up the sideline past double and triple teams only to pass to Dane Carney at the last minute for our final goal of the day.

Dane Carney -1

Tom Bracegirdle - 1

I just want the players to win for themselves now as they have put in so much effort and they deserve it, as they say sometimes you learn more lessons from losing some times!

Sorry about the late update but we finished the game and had half an hour to get dinner and then had to check the games for the next day. I did this as soon as I could.

We have Haymakers 2 at 8am in the morning on pitch 3, the team is coached by Coach Lord, England U19's Matt Lords father, it is great to see him again and a good way to go into the final round. A good friend of Jakes Nick Meredith who he met at All American camp last year is also playing for them.

One more day and a few more challenges. As Curtis would say Dutty as a Sausage butty!

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