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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All Arrived Safely!!!

We arrived safely at Philadelphia airport and met our long lost friend Jake Howarth and then departed on our school bus to Gettysburg. After what seemed to be a very long bus journey we arrived at the beautiful campus!

Thanks to Coach Janczyk and Perzinski for everything!

Jay Moore rolled up a few hours later with what looked like his body guard driver! 

So the 23 have been assembled! 11 pizzas and 5 bottles of soda later they are tired out after a long day of travel!

They are a great bunch of lads and all the parents back home should be proud. 

Today we have learnt that Ben Reddy can eat 2 pizzas to himself easy! Alex Russell does not share drinks, Ewing gets stir crazy and Rowarth is a good lad! We have a new name for Joe Baythorpe as christened by Smithy and I think Elliott Hurry may be the most low maintenance, laid back kid alive!

We have moved in to Patrick Dorms on Campus and the lads have been fed and all apparel given out, Boys are happy!

All other teams arrive tomorrow so a lie in for us! 

We have been positioned in the top division and will have our first warm up game tomorrow, I will post the schedule then!


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