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Monday, 27 June 2011

Coaches Diary Day 2 of Camp

It was a hot day in Upsate NY today but the lads seemed a lot fresher, the jet lag has passed
and they seem to be picking up what the coaches are telling them more each day, ive had a lot of nice comments about the lads from coaches at the camp and hope we have suprised a few people!

Lewis sat out the morning with a strained back, but made a dramatic come back this afternoon to shoot 88 mph in the shooting comp, each day they are improving and seem to be having more fun with each other on and off the field.

Coach Beville (Cortland State) arrived today and was an LDO at Timperley back in the day, a great coach and he passed on some valuable advice to our D men.

We had a shooting demo from players like Matt and Mike Abbott, Brice Queener, Merrick Thomson and
Coach Beville (with a long pole), it looked like scary prospect for Dan Distefano in the goal but he held his own with these guys blowing shots past him from 10 yards!

The boys also had a sneak peak of next years Warrior and Brine equipment from Dan Holdridge with free give aways and a breakdown of how the equipment is made and put together.

In the afternoon the guys where split into teams and tonight we played some games under the lights in the stadium, on the way back the guys seemed happy with their day and the usual banter was flying, we had some bumps and bruises today and some players where supporting Ice Bags...................a big thank you to Cindy the Camp trainer for looking after them!

Every player seems to be relishing the challenge and im sure are loving everyday, the coaches at the camp are amazing and make it fun but they teach so well and concentrate on the little things, this is why they are so good at this game and hopefully this will rub off on our guys and they will bring this back home with them to improve the national game.

Picture - Eddie Thornber with his Goalie Coach Ben Gaebel (National Champion 2006) and Dan "never lost a high school game" Distefano JD high school who will be at Vermont in the fall. Eddie looks like a different player and these guys have helped him so much over the last 2 days!, a big English thank you to them both.
I better watch my spelling tonight as Coach Gaebel is a follower of the blog and will critic this in the morning, except he doesnt know how to spell Colour (the English way).

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