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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Coaches Diary day 1 & Player Diary Day 2 (day 1 of Camp)

Coaches comments - After a two hour delay in Philly we made it to Syracuse and then to Hamilton (40 mins away) the home of All American Lacrosse Camp at Colgate University, our base for 4 days.

After Pizza and the new Gear give out which included Helmets, stickers, Maverik Socks and Apparel by Graph Tex the boys stayed quiet for five mins and began the painful application of Helmet Stickers, tis went pretty well with only one set having to be thrown in the bin!..........result! the lads seemed really happy and I think Toby was very close to sleeping in his new helmet. by this time the adrenaline that had got us through the day had began to wear off and the lads hit the hay (well it was 4am UK time).

All is well with the knights lets see what tomorrow brings

Player Diary: Day 1 of Camp

After getting the kit last night, it has become obvious that we have gelled so well as a team, we are all getting on so well and the banter is flying!

Today we found out that the Americans struggle to pronounce Bracegirdle at the Registration this morning and after numerous attempst we had to help Bill Hardy (the owner of the camp) to say it.

We also found out that Josh Kinder could potentially have O.C.D and Eddie may be colour blind.

After a hard first day it is obvious we are all still jetlagged and in need of some well earned kip before Breakfast and a plate full of streaky bacon (or ten for Tom B and Ed) and hash browns mmmmmm..................! at 7am (12pm UK).

The Unknown Knight!


Coaches Closing Comments - The guys had a great time today and impressed a lot of players and coaches at the camp, the lads are getting used the US brand of Lacrosse and coaching, the knowledge and advice that the coaches are passing on will be invaluable to us at the Gait Cup and beyond.

The lads spent a lot of time at the Camp store today and lets just say made a few purchases! dont worry they are being sensible as they know there may be other things they need to spend their money on later in their 9 day trip, they are a great bunch of lads who have got to know a lot about each other and im sure they are missing you all, but for know they are enjoying being in the US and Lax'in all day everyday.

I couldnt be prouder of the way they get behind each other and am sure in the future they will look back on this as an amzing experience, its not just about learning about Lax but about other cultures, themselves, their team mates and what its like to be away from home.

They are a credit to you and this team.

back tomorrow - Scott

Thank you to Mr & Mrs Hardy, Tom Hardy, Graph Tex and all the coaching staff & trainers at the Camp.

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  1. Great blog - keep it coming, its good to know how you are getting on.