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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Knights 23/06/15 - day 1

We met at Manchester Airport Terminal 3 and had our traditional team photo and checked in!

The flight was amazing and very empty so the players had seats to themselves and spread out! Sam Wilks slept for most of the flight and was still tired and captain Matt Tatts Tatton spread out on 4 seats like a bed and got his head down, the stewards said how good they'd been in the flight and by the end of 7 hours I think everyone was ready to get back on to solid ground! 

We got through immigration without any hold ups and after a run around with the school bus we departed for Lax Unlimited in Ardmore PA where the lads pretty much cleared the shop (yes Chris Peacock I got you a present). Thanks to Joey Gwin for having us again, we'll be back! Mike Poppleton was also in store - he is an upstate legend that's played at Hopkins and also plays for Florida Launch in he MLL.  

We then Departed Ardmore for Gettysburg that was meant to be an hour and half drive but with a terrible lighting and rain storm it took a little bit longer than expected. 

We arrived in Gettysburg and where greeted by Coaches Jancyk and Speaks who gave us our rooms and boxes of gear! The Dorms are very warm and after much moaning and complaining we are starting   
To get used to it. 

I bought the lads a Pizza from the usual place and we ate, it went down well especially the hamburger pizza! 

After eating we went for a walk around campus! 


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