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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 8 - Won 8-5 vs Freedom

Our Morning game was delayed because of rain and storms, we waited around in the halls to hear when the game would begin. I think because we have spent so much time together and have such a relaxed attitude before games having a laugh with each other and chatting we didn't find this hard. 

The game began at 11am against Freedom and we knew that we had another game at 1pm and had to find time to eat in the cafeteria, sometimes it's a logistical nightmare for the Coaches ensuring the lads can eat and hydrate. 

We began the game a little slow and went 2 down so we called a timeout to regroup. A few of the players could not play this morning because of an admin error at the tournament and we used it for motivation doing it for Chopper!

We stormed back and Joe Cheetham got us going, dodging from behind and shooting back into the goal. 

There wasn't much to stop us after that, we made it hard for Freedom to move the ball in offense and clearing, the boys are exciting to watch creating more opportunities for themselves and we didn't want to let up after learning our lesson in the Webster Thomas game the day before. We played well and scored in bunches and Freedom didn't have any answers!

Chas Syme won the face off and raced down the field, he ran behind the goal and drove to the goal and scored! 

Billy Kershaw finished it off with a great question mark move.

A great start to the day, time for a light dinner and to get back to the stadium for our second game of the day!

Joe Cheetham 2
TJ Burgess
Ben Page-Laycock
James Pomfret
Chas Syme
Will Cornwell
Billy Kershaw

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