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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 9 - Won 12-5 vs Free Agents

We had an early start for the playoffs and we had waited until late to hear that our game had been cancelled the night before, unfortunately the All- Star game had also been postponed. The lads where a bit disappointed but there was nothing that we could do, the weather had been terrible and we had received flash flood and a tornado warnings. I was proud to have 8 players named as All-Stars and that's what they should be proud, they can add that to their Lacrosse resume forever.

We had the 3 seed and would play Freeagents at 8am. We where confident we could get through this game and progress (hopefully) to the final. It was Foxy's birthday and I had witnessed a great scene the night before, I was sat in the hall way writing the blog as my room didn't get good internet reception and heard voices it was late and I thought someone make be getting a telling off here! Anyway I heard whispers and as I stood up to look through the door window Smithy came through to let me know that they where surprising Foxy as now it was midnight and it was his birthday! Nice touch and it shows how the lads wanted to make it special for him. I didn't watch but heard screams and I think they must have dived on him.

As I said yesterday, sometimes games get in the way of eating and as the game started at 8am we had no time for breakfast, as long as they where watered I thought they had ate enough to have reserves to last 2 weeks in the wilderness, pizza on pizza on pizza!

We were ready and had a count, however we where missing twoplayers! Who could it be? Surely not Captain Tatton and the face of Knights Lacrosse Ben Page-Laycock??? They had had an Alarm malfunction, I knocked on the door lightly and asked them both to get up politely hahaha! Tats stood there with his boxers on with a confused look on his face, everyone else was outside in their kit ready to rock! They got changed and I waited whilst Coach Guy took the rest of the lads down to the field. We got there a couple of mins later after Ben had done his hair, perfect!

We started very well with Sam "the perm" Wilks scoring on an alley dodge and high to low shot, the grass was long and we wanted to keep the shots away from the ground.

Hal made a great save and as the shot went in Peacock broke out immediately (good coaching)
He caught the ball (unusual) and we had a fast break he passed to Oli who gave it back to Peacock to finish on the crease. The first long stick to score this tour!

After we scored a few goals Freeagents folded we scored some great goals on the way, a one handed goal from Ben who ended with a hatrick, James pomfrets goal whilst laying down on the floor, a behind the back from Joe Baythorpe and an awesome shot on the run to the top corner from Joe Cheetham, one of the goals of the tour.

Sam Wilks
Jack Peacock
Billy Kershaw
Ben Page-Laycock 3
James Pomfret
Joe Cheetham 
Joe Baythorpe 2 
Dan Aspin
TJ Burgess

Oliver Loveland 4
Joe Baythorpe
Elliott Leonard

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