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Monday, 11 August 2014

Knights vs AIST (USA)

Knights Vs AIST (USA) Sunday 10th August 2014.

Knights 7 - AIST 4

It was certainly a game of two halves, one half played in Baking sun and the other in a cruel Monsoon rain which was a product of Hurricane Bertha! 

Its always great to see the lads from 2013, what a great bunch of people, we where missing Charlie Edwards, Ben Ready, Scott Dagnanleach and where also missing our talisman Tig Bancroft. We also asked some friends to rep Knights In Dan Watson, Tom Hallam (who was asked to be an original 2011 Knight) James Ready and Jamie Powell. 

The Knights started the game very well with strong face off play from Tim Collins who had spent his summer with Laxachusetts of Boston in the US and his wings Ciaran Johnson and Tom Hallam.

Ben Smith dodged and fed very well and found Joe Cara on a number of occasions, Joe had also spent his summer on the US tournament circuit and looked very strong, he is always a matchup problem for the opposition but has started to play with his head up finding the open man and really finishing his shots! 

Matt Rowarth had a great game and dodged very well. He has great vision, finding the open man with sneaky feeds and finished a strong dodge and jump shot!

As always at Knights our strongest position is in goal, our goalies Elliott Hurry and #2 Will Baxter both played very well coming up with some amazing saves!

The defense looked solid with leadership from Josh Peachey and some great team Defense from Tom Hallam, Grady Fayle and an impressive performance from the young gun Matt Tatton (2015 Knight).

At half time it was 5-1 Knights and the AIST made some adjustments putting their poles at the top of the box as our Middies did the damage for most of the first half, AIST also threw in a bit of zone!

Alex Winton, Alex Russell and Joe Baythorpe play very well together and as we dodged from the wing we noticed that AIST where not getting their 2 slide in quick enough to the crease and once they slid they left the crease open - Alex Russell and Winton capitalised from cuts to the ball and finished well!

As the Monsoon began in the second half it was hard to play with high winds, heavy rain and a waterlogged pitch somehow the English boys, who should be used to the rain, took their foot off the peddle and through good play AIST fought back! With another goal from Joe Cara and Alex Russell we stretched the lead and made it too much of a mountain to climb for the US team. 

Knights played with class and intensity, we don't get beaten too often on English turf and it was great to see them play together again! 

Thanks to the Knights family for coming to support in horrible conditions! It means a lot to see people still coming back!

Thanks to the coaches Mike
Armstrong and Chris Peacock and manager Lynne HarveyBurnham and most of all to AIST, Wilmslow Lacrosse club and the Perrins for the opportunity to play!

Knights Goals:
Joe Cara 3
Alex Russell 2
Alex Winton 1
Matt Rowarth 1

James Ready
Alex Winton
Ben Smith
Tim Nicol

Monsoon Time: Joe Cara Makes it Rain!

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