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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Under Armour All American!

attended the Under Armour All American Lacrosse Tournament in Towson, Maryland to watch Jake Weddell  play in the first ever JUCO games! The tournament is one on the best and high profile the US. 

When we arrived it was a lacrosse players dream, the boys and girls players queued up to collect their regional uniform that includes a pinney, shorts, under armour socks, cleats and team helmets!

The tournament is broken down into sections and the underclassmen games run all weekend and features 10 regional teams like Long Island, Upstate New York, West and New Jersey etc and features the best talent in the country! The standard was truely staggering and the hotbeds of NY and Baltimore does not exist anymore, South and West had great teams and real talent. 

The tournament provided amazing moments, great competition and close games!

Watch the underclassmen final here:

Jake represented the North with 9 of his OCC team mates, they played in the main stadium in the two JUCO games against Metro and South. Jake played well in the second game scoring 2 goals and 2 assists after cramping up in the first game, it was baking hot and had already attended practice earlier in the day! It was a great game and amazing experience!

North JUCO squad!

OCC Players

I had the pleasure of meeting Booker Corrigan, Corrigan Sports organise this tournament and he is also famous for commentating on ESPN and

Booker hilarious highlights:

On the Saturday we watched more of the Underclassmen tournament and the main event the Under Armour All American Classic, this is the 40+ best High school Srs in the nation and they get treated like tock stars and receive more Under Armour apparel and equipment than you can imagine:

helmet, gloves, head, shaft, cleats, socks, bands, t-shirts, shorts, playing kit, bags, slides etc etc

It was a fantastic game that had it all!

Watch highlights here;

After the game we went for dinner at Lacrosse pub The Greenw Turtle, it was a great weekend and a proud moment for me I have wanted to watch the tournament for years and to watch my so a nd ex Knight in the game was amazing and was a great way for Jake to finish his OCC career, he has made life long friends up there and was the last game he will play with his team mates before they begin their next career at D1 and D2 schools! If you are watching the World Games you will have heard a lot about OCC, I hope we can send players there again in the future as it has been a great experience for Jake!

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