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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Knight selected in Under Armour JUCO All-American Game

2011 Knight - Jake Weddell has been selected (via tryout) to represent the North, in the first Under Armour All-American JUCO Elite Games on July 11th in Towson, MD, USA.

It's an honour and proud moment to have a Knight and English player showcasing in these games! The USA, Iroquois and Canadian players have been well represented in the Under Armour weekend in the past, Jake will be the first English Born player to take part!

I know that we will have more players in the JUCO jr college system very soon and think it is a great way for our players to improve their game and get used to life in the US! The bonus is that you will be seen by other coaches, promoted by your own coach and this will increase the chances of being offered places and maybe scholarships at a larger school in the NCAA DI, DII or DII or play in recruiting events like this! 

Congratulations from everyone at Knights!

Below are the highlights from
Last years Under Armour All American Classic - the 40 best HS seniors!

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