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Monday, 1 July 2013

Bison Brawl First Day - Vs Futures

After two games already the boys where tired, fed and watered we went to play Futures, it is made up of future Bucknell University players or recruits and will be future Div 1 talent, we decided to let this motivate the lads that you could take the ball away, face off, score or save against future Div 1 talent. The game played under the lights on a grass field! I dont think I have ever played on a floodlit Grass field before!

We went a few goals down but the lads had fun with it and if we made a play or a save the lads got excited and made them play a fun brand of Lacrosse as we had at the Gait Cup against Velocity on the last day, the boys loved to have a laugh and would let the team know if they had the upper hand in anyway! Their Goalie was very good but Jake Howarth, Matt Rowarth and Alex Russell (2 Goals) pushed to the goal and got their reward, Will Baxter made some amazing saves and it seemed Tim Collins won quite a lot of face offs! Will Allsop or "King Snurdge" as we call him had a great game!

Ben Smith was unlucky not to score with a couple of shots and we where trying to get him going!

Ciaran Johnson relished the competition and played another solid game clearing the ball with ease and using his pace.

Their didn't seem to be many people on Knights Bench as Vince Cara, Joe Harris, Tig Bancroft and Joe Baythorpe all had injuries.

We walked away from the game buzzing as we had won the second half and the boys where in high spirits, on the way back to the dorms we stopped and watched a street Basketball game as it was going dark and the skills on show where awesome, once the guys realized we where English they stopped and rushed over and gave us high fives!!!

It was the end of a tough day and felt so sorry for the boys that where injured, we waited for their return from Hospital.

Apologies for not writing the blog yesterday but we had a very busy day and needed an early night.

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