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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Knights Spotlight - Jake Howarth

Ex-Poynton Midfield star Jake Howarth moved to the USA a number of months ago with his Family, he will be playing for Team Cape Cod & Nauset High School in 2012/2013.

He has already played in Tournaments over the Summer and Fall in the US and was lucky enough to play in Harvard Stadium this past weekend.

Name - Jake Howarth
Age - 16
Stick – Evo x with gait ice
Favorite Band – The Wombats
Favorite US College team – Johns Hopkins
Biggest Influence on your Lacrosse Career  - My Dad
Club team US – Team cape cod

High School US – Nauset regional high school
Has it taken time to adapt to the US style of play - It took probably 2 training sessions and then I got into the full flow.
In what ways do you think you have improved since being in the US – My speed coming out of dodges has doubled and I can now shoot on the run really well also my knowledge for the game has grown a lot as it’s just the little things that make some of the biggest differences.
What would you advise people to work on to be successful in the US – Always look for that one extra pass. To always be moving even when your furthest away from the ball. Practice practice and practise. They in a whole aren't as amazing as you all think if we had those chances and the exposure like they do we would be just as good.
What are you aspirations after graduating High School – To go and play college lacrosse and from there I will have to think.
Are you looking forward to representing Knights in 2013 - I am extremely excited not just to play but to have been chosen to play for the team and then still been eligible to play although I'm in the us. I can't wait to get back with the lads and destroy some American teams.

Jake will play for Knights at the Gait Cup and Bison Brawl next summer.

Good luck for the 2013 Lacrosse season from everyone at Knights!

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