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Friday, 29 December 2017

Knights Ballers Showcase 8 a Side Tournament

Sponsored by UKLacrosse

Help us begin to celebrate 10 years of Knights Lacrosse by being involved in our first of many events and tournaments! 

Dates:13, 17, 20 and 24th June 2018

Cheadle Hulme Lacrosse Club
Ladybridge Road
Cheadle Hulme


Age 15-25 only
8 a side format and rules
5 teams, 10 players per team. Teams selected by draft.
20 min games
Final 4 final day 
Tournament MVP custom helmet award.
All Star Team announced
Ballers custom Ice Hockey style Trophy

Tournament Store - Ballers tshirt sand shorts sold at event.

Sponsored by UKLacrosse (who will also attend the event).

£50 includes all games and free game pinney. (£50 fee is non refundable).
Must be available for all games.

We want this to be a streetball style event with a high standard of skill, style and expression!
Battle to be the first winners of this trophy, we hope the tournament will grow and become bigger and 
better each year!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Knights V Team Announced

English Knights V squad:

2.Will Macdonald - G

17.Gregor Allan - G

37.Isaac Young - D

14.Josh Poke - D/LSM

22.Luca Schurink - D

76.Sam Fisher - D

12.Oliver lee - D/LSM

90.Seb Page - F/O

16.Dan Jones - M

13.Josh Simpson-Pink - M

89.Dan Flisk - M

15.Tom Frow - M

33.Morgan Brown - M

25.Oliver Allsop - M

67.Ewan Ginger - M

1.Sam Mottershead - M

31.Aaron Eastwood - M

8.Will Shirt - M

9.Drew Bickerton - A

10.Dan Hilditch - A

29.Matthew Gilmore - A

21.Will Goodwin - A

*tryout for below until Jan 2018


*Attack/Mid - 51.Dean Moore, 35.Harry Alty and 11.Cam Baxter 

Def - 80.Luke Frahill Jones, 34.Alex Davidson

Goalie - 23.Jack Allen

Monday, 3 July 2017

Knights IV Tour 2017 - The Unknown Knight

As the tour ends and sadly the endless amounts of pizza,bacon and Gatorade does too. But luckily for Billy the Chinese is just around the corner. With many ups and downs the tour has been an emotional rollercoaster but a phenomenal experience that none of us will forget.
The 'dead day', was dead! To add to this the pilot decided to fly around the airport for an hour. This was made worse by the fact we had no Gaz gshore to make fun of, after he bottled the second flight cause he was too busy crying that Pom called his bird angin.

Surprisingly many of us were up on the first day in America at 5 despite the 20 hour travel day before. The coach had wifi but you couldn't get snapchat unless you were a sneaky one with vpn.We arrived at Gettysburg and the dorms were peng. Everyone was pumped for the first game where we took a narrow loss after going out hard against the reputable program from Massachusetts Top Gun Fighting Clams. The second game was a different story despite the additional hype of the stadium. The Timperley boys brought some cheerleaders and snook off with them after must have been a rough night with 2/5 coming back injured(muppets). Back on campus some NATURALly strange snapchatting was going on.

The third day started with a beating from the cavaliers which was especially annoying as they were overly patriotic and not the friendliest. This losing streak continued with a big loss to HOCO who were a talented team and slightly more friendly, big shout out to Ethan the burg Mockford with one of the best saves I have seen aesthetically and technically.Between morning and afternoon games a few of us chilled with the gait cup worker giving him a lesson on slang and of course chatting about the chicken connoisseur(wings and dat).The next game we put in a good performance in the second half yet still lost to lax world. The fourth and final game we were missing All Star tm.certi and took a narrow loss to haymakers yet it didn't feel that was as we put in a great performance. I can't wait to see the film from the All Star game with amazing performances from tom (tm.certi) and the rest of the team in the crowd.
On the last day of the Gait Cup we finally got a win then hit the road heading for Long Island. Which was described to us by Scott as a 3 hour journey yet he forgot to mention the x2. That evening Chipotle and McDs was eaten then everyone hit the hay early in our very comfy double beds.
Playing in chain mail we started with a win in New York and everyone was buzzing. This win streak continued with a one goal win vs LI outlaws despite Scott being told to calm down after shouting to the Outlaws he was the Sheriff. This win streak was ended to a loss against NJ Riot partly due to injury and tiredness yet it was a respectable loss by 3 to a very talented team. In the evening we headed to the MLL game at Hofstra early to meet some of the Ohio Machines. We gave the yanks a lesson in chants and celebrations and also watched a great game of lacrosse and dances from cheerleaders oi oi.
It was the last day of games and we went out flat for reasons unknown, this lead to a loss against CT chargers. After some rest and Gatorade protein we were well up for the last game. Despite this we went 3 down quickly from some good offence by Twist. Moral was kept high on the sideline and this helped us get even at 4-4 at the half. Some dirty play by twist made us want to shout and let it all out getting us even more fired up. A fantastic effort by both the D and O led to us getting the win with Elliott Bickerton getting the winner.

Today was our last day and first we went to lax unlimited where we were gifted with coffee and donuts. To follow this we headed into the city doing lots of shopping then trekking 500 miles to chick-fil-a. After lunch we did even more shopping and went to Times Square where the cakes looked delicious and HUGE!

Gutted to be going home but all very thankful to the parents and coaches who made it all possible especially Scott. Improved so much as a team and as people making great friends on the way. Hopefully we can give back to the program     so it can grow and develop further. Sad to be going home because the whole experience has been amazing.Thanks to everyone once again. Once a Knight always a Knight. ET2.

Knights 2017 from a travelling parents perspective!

As the tour comes to an end I am keen to share a few observations. As a family we entered into the Knights adventure with no prior knowledge. Over the two years we have watched the gradual evolution of a group of individuals into an amazing team under Scott and the coach's tutelage. The tour, which I have been lucky enough to be part of, has not disappointed. The lacrosse has been fast and furious and an amazing experience for the lads. For me, the lovely part has been watching the lads come together as a team, share great fun and jokes and make, what I am sure will be, life long friendships for some and others a great opportunity for lively exchanges as they meet on the pitch in future on opposing teams. 
The organisation that Scott has achieved is incredible, buses arriving on time, accommodation welcoming after long, hot days and the little touches that make him so amazing, yet so modest, DVDs for the long bus journeys, lip salve from his big blue bag and most importantly a few kind or encouraging words when needed to make each Knight feel able to do their very best on the tour. 
I feel a sense of sadness that it is all coming to an end, what will me and Ethan do with our weekends?! I'm quite sure that we will spend time reliving this week with the highs and drama and now fully understand that 'Once a Knight, always a Knight'. Ethan has worn the number 2 with pride and we have truly loved every minute of this amazing experience. 
Sarah, proud lacrosse mum! X

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Knights IV 2017 Tour - Final Stats

Elliott Bickerton - 10G, 7A, Points - 17
Will Prescott - 12G, 2A, Points - 14
Dan Jones - 9G, 4A, Points - 13
Mike Pomfret - 5G, 7A, Points - 12
Ed Loveland - 7G, 5A, Points - 12
Joe Cheetham - 5G, 4A, Points - 9
Nathan Edwards - 2G, 3A, Points - 5
Tom McArdle - 2G, 2A, Points - 4
Pat McGowan - 2G, 1A, Points -  3
Cam Major - 1G, 2A - Points - 3
Billy Stewart - 2G, 0A, Points - 2
Marius Robinson - 1G, 1A, Points - 2
Oliver Beaumont 0G, 1A, Points - 1
Ed Hilditch - 1G, 0A, Points - 1
Dan Madeley - 1G, 0A, Points - 1

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Day 7 - Knights IV Tour 2017

The day began with a bus trip to a pre organised trip to Lax Unlimited in the beautiful Garden City, home of Stephen Jahelka. The lads loved it and pretty much bought the shop stock! Thanks to all the staff and especially Justin Baker. We had a picture outside and Billy managed to snap a chair in half at the Bistro next door! UNIT!

We then departed for a trip to New York and where dropped off at the impressive Grand Central Station! It's a better version of the one in Stockport :)

We then headed to fifth avenue guided by Ravi wise guy Sitlani, checking out the adidas store and headed to Nike Town! After 30 mins of shopping buying all types of limited addition shoes we met on the ground floor. We had. A picture with a member of staff as we where all in our Knights Nike gear and the boys began to surround me with a weird look on their faces! What's up now I thought! TJ began to make a speech and George Dunn appeared out of the group holding a Nike bag, imreally didn't process what was happening at first and to my amazement they had all put in to buy me a gift - I have a love for Jordan's as does Ravi and they had bought me some Jordan 4 retro's that I had already checked out upstairs, some grey Jordan shorts and a white Jordan t-shirt. On a side note I never accept gifts from players I do it for the love and to see their development and to make friends with the players! This  was a gift I couldn't refuse and loved, it choked me up and the players realised how pleased I was, I raised the shoe in the air like a trophy and thanked them all. The member of  staff told me I had to put them on before we left. It was one of the most touching and nice things anyone has ever done for me. Jordan's where out of my price zone when I was young and I guess I have a love for them because of this reason! Thank you all for doing this it was above and beyond anything I expected and a really nice touch.

The players where hungry again so we decided to trek the wrong way at first for Chick fil a, myself and Ben had been taking great pleasure in winding TJ up about his love for the fast food restaurant as he loves it, so at least it would rid him of his gravings and also feed the hungry team.

Trump Tower

Cake! Times Square

More trainer shopping and a trip to pandora to buy the wags a gift was completed and we decided to head back to Grand Central. After Jordon tried to reanact Home Alone Two alone n New York and me acting as international. Rescue we met JD's aunt who gave me the password to realease him, he's a great kid and was sad to see him go the players said there goodbyes and we got back on the bus to head back to The zuniondale Marriott.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 6 - Knights IV Tour 2017

Warming up outside the hotel outside the NY Islanders NHL stadium.

Looked tired first game 

Lost 7-2

Dan Jones
Pat McGowan

Ed Loveland
Mike Pomfret

Ethan - 10
Lewis - 4

We played CT Charges Gold, coached by England Euro Championship winner Alex Majd. This was a game of pride, however unfortunately a mixture of over confidence and tiredness meant we came out sloppy and slow. I didn't want to over coach this game and wanted to see the boys take control and be accountable. We scored a great goal from our 2 man up play we had practicesed for a long time, they really worked out the defence and we got Dan jones open for a shot from the right wing, with him being a lefty it's a difficult skill but he didnt let us down and finished nicely. CT Chargers faceoff mana was very good with a very fast clamp and we struggled to gain possessions early in the game.

Ravi Sitlani from Stockport, Metros and England had made the trip by train from Manhatten to see us, he gave me my first opportunity with England U19s and he's a good friend. We grew up playing against each other and have a great respect for each other. He really knows everyone in the game but on both sides of the pond.

Ed Loveland really got into the groove in this tournament, he rides very well, wins back possessions, has great Vision and has developed a cannon of a shot!

The game finished 7-2 and I think the players felt disappointed with the loss and they way we had come out. I explained to a number of them how important rest really was and that in the future they can learn from this and that is really what this tour is about. We motivated ourselves by being scheduled to play in the huge main stadium
And getting a chance to finish the tournament with 3 wins from 5 games something really to be proud of.

We returned to the hotel and Julian and our roaring reporter (twitter Knights IV Scores) Andrea had gone to pick up sandwiches for the boys from Colesium Deli.

Won 6-5

Edward Hilditch 
Will Prescott 2
Elliott Bickerton 2
Dan Jones

Elliott Bickerton
Ed Loveland
Mike Pomfret
Will Prescott
Edward Hilditch

Saves - 4
Face-Off - 4

This was the last game and we all knew it, we returned to the field and got ready, Marius had a bad ankle and got his boot taped, you could tell he was struggling but wanted to see the field! I always get emotional as I know it's the last game I will coach these guys, I told them that we where proud to be their coach and to go out to win the game with confidence and do it for no one else but themselves.

Lewis started in goal and was under pressure immediately, Twist had a great face off man some Atheltic players, we where a match for anyone and Mike Connor kept telling me we just needed a possession to get going and he was right. Ed Hilditch stepped in and shot off stickmside hip, an impossible shot to save for any goalie and was great to see him score after hitting the post 4 times and playing so well.

You could see Elliott 'Bick' Bickerton was getting impatient with the amount of possession and as always wanted the ball, we began to fight back and scored in bunches fighting back to 4-4.

It was the last 3 mins and the score was level we cleared the ball brilliantly with Cam Major and as Mike Connor was worried about them pushing out, trapping us and winning the ball back he called timeout! I gave him the look that I wasn't happy, but we had already discussed taking timeout. It was fine and we got our best offensive players in the game! We wanted to initiate with a middie and then play a big/little behind goal to try and get a short stick on Bick to let Bick do what he does best, he received a great pass from Ed Loveland, after a pick and roll and Elliott unleashed a beautiful low to high near side top corner goal, we reached for the stars and the sideline went crazy! 

We knew the clock was against them. The Last face off was taken and they raced towards the goal, Kai unfortunately ran the opposite way (to almost cause me to cardiac arrest), Anyway they didn't get a shot off as our defence swarmed their players and put the ball on the carpet. We had won and I watched as they players showed some emotion and ran towards Ethan in the goal.

The parents stormed over the field to greet us, the game couldn't have ended in a better way, it was exciting for everyone and I thought about the parents at home watching the scores roll in on Twitter! I can't say that Twist dealt with the loss very well. they clearly didn't want to have their picture taken, but we had more fun because of it. To call a time out in the last few mins and for the team to execute what you have planned is amazing for any coach. I was proud of the team and what they had achieved, all you parents should be very proud of your sons in the way they have conducted themselves.

After the game the parents where fascinated by our coded calls like 'yellow', 'Axe' and 'Hammer' etc, I explained what they meant, Yellow is like a traffic light and we could also use green go to goal or red do not go to goal. Ask your sons if you would like to know the rest!